Saturday, 6 March 2010

21st century apprentices

The old Nine Traders had apprentices in tow, with this in mind I'm on the look out for a suitable candidate to work with me. Last weekend I met Eilidh McKay, a bright eyed, enthusiastic arts & philosophy student, who arrived in muddy wellies for our meeting, fresh from her allotment.

Years ago apprentices had to pay to be trained, the modern day equivalent could be seen as the student loan.

Eilidh expressed an interest in being a 21st century apprentice, she brings with her a passion for people and human rights. So much that she got her kit off for
People and Planets day of naked action to protest about clothes made in sweatshops on sale at Dundee's university shop.

Years ago Dundee Indwellers ( the non-trades people) got the rotten jobs and lived miserable lives.

Eilidh says change is long overdue.


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