Saturday, 13 March 2010

Once upon a time...... in the library

I've started to recognise some of the locals and noticed a few people are regulary spending all day in the library ( I've become one of them). I can see the attraction, the heating is on, it's dry and no one tries to sell you anything. In these wintery economic times the Central library is a place of respite for many a Dundonian. What has struck me since I have been here is that inequality and disadvantage dominates a lot of the library users existence. Despite Dundee having been the focus of substantial investment, the ‘trickle down’ effect appears to have impacted little, as low wages and part-time employment can create similar effects as unemployment itself.

Image : Dina Goldstein

I personally can't say enough good things about the library. The best thing is it gets you away from home ( if you have one) it offers a place to hang out. It's popular, there are always people wanting to access the Internet (for free). It routinely offers all sorts of events for children and adults alike, and has special multipurpose spaces for music, children’s activities, visiting speakers and creates supportive environments for vulnerable users.

It's a place of escape, and if you really want a distraction can always get lost in a book*.

*DISCLAIMER We can't promise it will magic away disadvantage, discrimination, abuse and poverty in your life but it might offer a welcome distraction.


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