Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Edit in progress

Just to prove we are doing some work, here's some images of us editing the Boots Camp footage that we shot in Dundee last week. It's been incredibly frustrating to just get to this stage as we've hit technical issues with the format of the video. The camera saved the files in .MOD format and we had a lot of trouble getting them recognised by the editing software.
The footage had to be compressed, so we had to learn about compression software and how to compress. To complicate matters, because we used two different cameras some of it was shot in 16:9 and the other in 4:3. So it's been a fast learning curve, we've learnt new terminology like the difference between PAL and NTSC and the fps ( PAL is 25 frames per second) having had no knowledge of using a camera or even editing before.
Now we're scouring 3 hours of footage, putting in markers to identify the frames that will possibly be used. We're having to make decisions where the best place to cut is. The whole job is made easier having a special edit controller so we can jog/shuttle through the footage.
Posted by Billy and Bruce

Modern day scarecrow

Dropped by the City Farm for lunch today ... we found this modern day scarecrow.
The pig wasn't too impressed.
Photography: Bruce Mills

Tour of Thoresby One studios

"I like to see art raw, we went to 'Nottingham Contemporary' a £19 million pound public art building the same day but I liked this studio better because I got to see behind the scenes and see how local artists work." Bruce

Ian Nesbitt a local artist who also works part time in hostels with homeless people made the time to show us around.
He showed us around artists studios and exhibitions in the buildings.

Nes also runs Annexinema, a popular event that regularly get over 100 people attending. It's run on a shoestring budget the screenings happen in different locations around the country.

"I thought it was good that he took time out to give us a documented tour of the studios. He was very friendly and helpful. He intrigued to hear about our 'Boots Camp' video and offered to screen it at one of his future Annexinema events." Bruce

We went to the top floor of the building and impressed by Mount Fear by Abigail Reynolds terrain made from cardboard generated by police data recording the frequency and position of urban crimes.
" It was a great way to illustrate her point.... showing the violent crime statistics in London" Billy

Visiting Nottingham Contemporary

Billy and Bruce went with Chris Graham to visit the Globalisation exhibition at Nottingham's new £19 million contemporary arts centre.

"From afar I didn't like the look of the building, but when we got close we could see lace pattern imprinted on the outside. I liked the lace effect " Billy

"A lot of the work in the Globalisation exhibition needed really thinking about, but I liked the globe sculpture with all the clothes and chains. When I really thought about it made me think about Oxfam sending stuff to Third World countries." Bruce

Close up of globe sculpture 'Another World and Another and Another'
Eduardo Abaroa 2008

Bruce and Billy meet Chris Graham

Excerpts from meeting with artist/illustrator Chris Graham
On using his life experience as source material
"The art that I like to do is me being myself, thats where the power is, working with your own story."

How creativity is essential to his well being
"I don't know you, but I know the world where you lads come from and there's plenty of creativity there and critique of the world around you. You can put that to a use thats beneficial to you pair because on the dark days when you're feeling shit and you don't want to go back to what you have done before (maybe you do, it's up to you what you do with your life) that's the bit where a system of getting it out, (in a way thats not damaging to yourself or to others) becomes useful."
"Thats why I draw all the time, thats why I paint all the time thats why I talk all the time, that cause otherwise my head fills and I think f*ck it I might as well go and get wasted. There's too much shit in my head. Im not saying my life or past bothers me, but it does recur and triggers those things I don't want to get caught up in again."

Making art from found objects
"I can't sew, I'd never sewn anything in my life but I made this. I made it as a stress toy for me mate, I made him one. I found the leather by chance in the street three years ago. I used to work in an old peoples home and I collected old ladies teeth."

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Nine Critiques from Dundee 2.

Billy and Bruce have adopted a new trade for the week...


Over the next week I'll be asking them the question


2.)Jackson, Madonna, Prince by Sarah Doyle
Trade Gallery, Nottingham

"I really liked it I thought it was something different to what I was expected to see in an art studio. I didn't expect to see pictures drawn over colouring book pages. She captured the images of Jackson and Prince very well ... they are glittery guys... its like they drew their costumes in a colouring book before they left home in the morning. Prince, Madonna and Jackson as celebrities offer an element of youth, I imagine that's why she drew them like that." Bruce

Monday, 28 June 2010

Nine Critiques from Dundee 1.

Billy and Bruce have adopted a new trade for the week...


Over the next week I'll be asking them the question


1) The Fence Project - Dudhope Park, Dundee

"I think it's good, I like it, it's different and it stands out. I liked the way he had the flames painted on the fence because there was a fire, a house got burnt down in the park. That's what the flames signify. " Bruce

"I like it- I think it brings the fence to life" Billy

Crocus cafe and the New Art Exchange

Lunch at Crocus

Earlier we visited Crocus, which is a community run café. They employ people from the local area, which gives it a really friendly atmosphere and makes it a pleasant place to sit and eat. It’s situated within a quiet little shopping precinct, next to a group of multi-storeys in the Lenton area of Nottingham. Crocus was famously used for “the café scene” in the Shane Meadows film “This Is England”.

We met Richard who is one of the volunteers who manages the café, as well as cooking, he also helps with any daily chores. One of the volunteers, Sally, was very friendly and was more than happy to sit and chat, she seems to really enjoy being part of the team.

We really enjoyed the vibe it had and the general attitude of the whole place, the vegetarian menu was different but both very tasty and very good. Fingers crossed, we plan on going back before the weeks out.
- Billy

The New Art Exchange

We're writing this blog in the cafe at The New Art Exchange one of Nottinghams art centres. We'd plan to start editing today but hit technical problems (again!) with the format of the video. So whilst Steve is researching the codec problem we've escaped to check out the centre and catch up on the blog.

Billy is talking to Dave Thomas senior curator here. he is definitely not what I expected a curator to look like. I expected an Anthony Hopkins type, cultural type. He did not meet the stereotype. For a start he must be the only curator in the country with no front teeth. Sound bloke.
- Bruce

Quote of the day

"DCA? that the pub on the Perth Road?"


Saturday, 26 June 2010

Busy at the office

Please set the table

Billy and Bruce visited the exhibition held downstairs at the VRC in Dundee Contemporary Arts Centre (DCA)

Natural Forces: Please set the table.
Francis Stevenson and Lara Scobie
The blub on the wall states this is a collaboration between two artists working with printed textiles and ceramics. The artists state that they see this as an opportunity to collaborate with the public. They invite people to engage with the art at the table, a camera is on the table to document to the responses.

Friday, 25 June 2010

Retro 'Just Say No' video

Yesterday Billy brought in a DVD of a youth project 'Just Say No To Drugs' video made 20 years ago featuring not only Billy himself aged eleven ( in the red jumper) but also Stuart Purvey the lead singer of the indie rock band The Law.

Introducing Billy and Bruce

I originally met with Billy and Bruce to brainstorm ideas for a performance way back in March, in the last two weeks it has suddenly come to fruition and we've been working around the clock.

Hailing from the LIFE group, they've been working with video at the art college, this week they based themselves in the old MAP magazine office next door to the Nine Trades offices. They have also been out performing and filming in the city centre and Stobswell returning to capture and log the footage.
Next week the duo will be editing out of town, meeting arts practitioners, checking out the art scene and reporting back to you from the city of Nottingham.

Their work will be installed at the Visual Research Centre (downstrairs at DCA) as part of the Nine Trades of Dundee Final Gathering on Saturday 17 July.