Thursday, 24 June 2010

Introducing Daniel Tyminski

Daniel Tyminski, a fully paid up member of The Spacemakers is presenting his video 'In With The Ladies' at tonights final session of The Spacemakers.
You might have met him at the Hannah Maclure Centre serving behind the counter. Daniel is a year 3 Fine Art student from DOJ and has been experimenting with the Tagtool this week.

"... Im interested in space... for example the space that figures occupy, I like using found images from unexpected places and then using it so it all comes together to create a narrative.

"The great thing about the Tagtool is that you can project it onto different environments. The fact that its live means that I can start to think about drawing as a performance. It opens up a whole load of new possibilities for my work."

You can view that video at Daniels blog


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