Saturday, 19 June 2010

Garry Whitton and Blender

I've seen some strange places Dundee... but the home of local animator Garry Whitton takes the prize. It's the only one with a gong and a telephone box in the entrance hall, scattered around his humble abode are the many animation figures he has created over the years. Look out the window for stunning evening views across the Tay.

Garry gave Alistair and I a quick intro to Blender ( a free, open source 3D content creation suite) and the work he has made. We were able to create enchanting moving images just using a gamepad. We'd love Garry to have drop by the library and share the tool with groups such as Grey Lodge and LIFE.
If you want to see his creations in action or meet Garry come to the event at Hannah Maclure Friday 2 July. Its great fun to play with (there's a video of it in action at Drouthys Bar here).


garry whitton said...

That top photo is fantastic! ta for the plug!

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