Thursday, 24 June 2010

What use will the Tagtool be to your work in the future?

"At the moment it would help engage with young people. Especially with those who are not confident with their literacy and not confident with themselves that they are any good at anything. The fact is they can pick up that little pen and do a scribble and we get art at the end of it. It will help the fun element of learning, helping them to mix with other people, team building, there are loads of things it can address."

"I'm very grateful to whoever funded the whole Nine Trades and happy that we have had the opportunity to get involved with it. We cannot thank whoever has done that enough. We would very much like to be involved with the Tagtool support committee. I know we have had an initial meeting but I would still like to be involved with keeping the whole Tagtool thing going and what's coming out of it because I think that can provide a lot of new and exciting opportunites as well. You can definitely put our names forward."

Jackie McFie & Kerri Sutherland Youth Project Workers

Grey Lodge Community Centre


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