Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Twelve of us went to see Sweeney Todd

Feedback from members of the LIFE group...

"I've never been out for years and years, so seeing Sweeney Todd was great, brilliant, it was really entertaining The way the story came together was good. It must be hard doing that night after night. The set was amazing. I have never been to Dundee Rep before, I’ve only ever been the Whitehall theatre. I’d go again. It was special because I have been at home for years and never going out.

It’s been a new start for me going out and that."


"Overall I found Sweeny Todd to be a great play funny, exciting and keeping me on the edge of my seat listening to the lyrics of each story/song with great delight. I had a really enjoyable night it was really funny kept me really amused and wanting to try and catch each lyric so I could piece together the story which I already vaguely knew but I was really surprised at it normally I wouldn’t want to watch a “musical” but this was far better than any musical I had ever seen it was a great night out which I really enjoyed and would recommend to anyone if you haven’t seen it then I suggest that you go see it!!!"



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