Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Tour of Thoresby One studios

"I like to see art raw, we went to 'Nottingham Contemporary' a £19 million pound public art building the same day but I liked this studio better because I got to see behind the scenes and see how local artists work." Bruce

Ian Nesbitt a local artist who also works part time in hostels with homeless people made the time to show us around.
He showed us around artists studios and exhibitions in the buildings.

Nes also runs Annexinema, a popular event that regularly get over 100 people attending. It's run on a shoestring budget the screenings happen in different locations around the country.

"I thought it was good that he took time out to give us a documented tour of the studios. He was very friendly and helpful. He intrigued to hear about our 'Boots Camp' video and offered to screen it at one of his future Annexinema events." Bruce

We went to the top floor of the building and impressed by Mount Fear by Abigail Reynolds terrain made from cardboard generated by police data recording the frequency and position of urban crimes.
" It was a great way to illustrate her point.... showing the violent crime statistics in London" Billy


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