Monday, 28 June 2010

Crocus cafe and the New Art Exchange

Lunch at Crocus

Earlier we visited Crocus, which is a community run café. They employ people from the local area, which gives it a really friendly atmosphere and makes it a pleasant place to sit and eat. It’s situated within a quiet little shopping precinct, next to a group of multi-storeys in the Lenton area of Nottingham. Crocus was famously used for “the café scene” in the Shane Meadows film “This Is England”.

We met Richard who is one of the volunteers who manages the café, as well as cooking, he also helps with any daily chores. One of the volunteers, Sally, was very friendly and was more than happy to sit and chat, she seems to really enjoy being part of the team.

We really enjoyed the vibe it had and the general attitude of the whole place, the vegetarian menu was different but both very tasty and very good. Fingers crossed, we plan on going back before the weeks out.
- Billy

The New Art Exchange

We're writing this blog in the cafe at The New Art Exchange one of Nottinghams art centres. We'd plan to start editing today but hit technical problems (again!) with the format of the video. So whilst Steve is researching the codec problem we've escaped to check out the centre and catch up on the blog.

Billy is talking to Dave Thomas senior curator here. he is definitely not what I expected a curator to look like. I expected an Anthony Hopkins type, cultural type. He did not meet the stereotype. For a start he must be the only curator in the country with no front teeth. Sound bloke.
- Bruce


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