Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Edit in progress

Just to prove we are doing some work, here's some images of us editing the Boots Camp footage that we shot in Dundee last week. It's been incredibly frustrating to just get to this stage as we've hit technical issues with the format of the video. The camera saved the files in .MOD format and we had a lot of trouble getting them recognised by the editing software.
The footage had to be compressed, so we had to learn about compression software and how to compress. To complicate matters, because we used two different cameras some of it was shot in 16:9 and the other in 4:3. So it's been a fast learning curve, we've learnt new terminology like the difference between PAL and NTSC and the fps ( PAL is 25 frames per second) having had no knowledge of using a camera or even editing before.
Now we're scouring 3 hours of footage, putting in markers to identify the frames that will possibly be used. We're having to make decisions where the best place to cut is. The whole job is made easier having a special edit controller so we can jog/shuttle through the footage.
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