Thursday, 1 July 2010

Nine Critiques from Dundee 3.

Billy and Bruce have adopted a new trade for the week...


Over the next week I'll be asking them the question


3. The Inconsistency of Everything
Harminder Singh Judge
Current exhibition at the New Art Exchange, Nottingham

"I was impressed by the look of the building from the outside, it was inviting, it made you want to go in. It felt spacious with the glass windows/ walls in the cafe area and I liked the rock star style head on the wall with the guitars." Billy

" It's crazy how they thought it was art. I got it... well some of it. Very creative, colourful contemporary art. At first I thought it was not my cup of tea, but I read some background information on it and it's started to grow on me" Bruce

"Harminder Singh Judge describes himself as an artist trapped in a perpetual love triangle with religion, art and pop culture. He has a deep interest in the visual and conceptual mixing of religious mythologies with personal experience, pop culture and folklore."


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