Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Nine Critiques from Dundee 8.


8. Chris Grahams Stress Doll

"I have become aware by looking at other artists work, and talking to Chris Graham especially, what's perceived as art, it has altered my perception of art totally because there are loads of different ways that you can put things across, sometimes it isn't always meant to be written down." Billy

"I liked it when I met Chris Graham, he was totally down to earth I could relate more to Chris, than a lot of people. He was explaining to me about lot of different styles of arts like sticker art. Also about just drawing what is in your head and how it could help you unwind and get out a load of shit that's clogged up in your head, it can cleanse you." Bruce

"Sometimes you just need to be subtle with things. Like you say, let people make up their own mind. I have felt perhaps that I have explained things to much, now I’m learning that I don't need to explain myself, I can just say this is what I have done." Billy

"It was interesting, very interesting meeting Chris. Chris wasn't what I expected an artist to act like or look like, that was refreshing. He doesn't give a shit, he just does what he wants to do. It has definitely changed my perspective on what an artist can be." Bruce


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