Monday, 12 July 2010

Eduardo Abaroa's studio

When we were in Nottingham, one of the things Bruce really enjoyed was visiting Thoresby One Studios and said he liked seeing art in its raw state.

"Ian Nesbitt showed us around Thoresby One artists Studios.

I liked to see how artists work and I liked a lot of the work on show." Bruce

Bruce also spoke well of Eduardo Abaroa's 2008 sculpture 'Another World and Another and Another' which he came across at Nottingham Contemporary's exhibition Uneven Geographies.

"A lot of the work in the Globalisation exhibition needed really thinking about, but I liked Abaroa's globe sculpture with all the clothes and chains. When I really thought about it, it made me think about Oxfam sending stuff to Third World countries."

I decided to check Abaroa out online and found he's a 31-year-old Mexican artist who has an arts studio in Mexico City. He has been making work about worlds and globes for the past ten years.
I also found some photo's of the globe in the studio where he constructed it.


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