Saturday, 10 July 2010

I feel absolutely great!

"We were a bit frazzled for days because of this editing, but afterwards we were sat out in the garden in the sun together and I said to Bruce,

'Do you know what? I feel absolutely great.'

Now this is done, we've seen the final edit, I can't wait until it gets shown. We are going to wait until the DCA, nobody is going to see it beforehand! After the DCA everyone can see it, they can have copies, we can put it online and people can have copies of it. We are creating a website, called TheBitchesTeaBoys that people can go to. It would be a good round up to get a blog/website so we can show what we have achieved." Billy

"When we finished it, I had a huge sigh of relief as well as a buzz. I never really thought about this until today but I have really enjoyed it, I have got something out of it. Obviously having kids I have achieved something in my life, but I have always worked in shitty dead end jobs where I have worked hard and never really produced anything. This is a wee bit different I feel like I have done something. I have left a wee bit of a mark, I have been on the internet. I'll be a celebrity to my pals!" Bruce


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