Saturday, 3 July 2010

Nine Critiques from Dundee 6.

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6. Prisoners Interventions
Temporary Services working with Angelo

Imagine that your house spans six by nine feet, your mattress is just two inches thick.

You are known to your neighbors by an identification number, and items most consider crucial to everyday existence are outlawed.
How do inmates in prisons like this make such lives bearable?

In 2001, the artists' collective Temporary Services asked an incarcerated artist named Angelo to share with them the ways in which inmates adapt to their confinement. Angelo responded with over one hundred pages of meticulously detailed ink drawings and text.
The resulting compilation, Prisoners' Inventions, is a unique guide to prison life, covering subjects ranging from how to cook a grilled cheese sandwich in a locker to how to chill a soda using a toilet. Many of the documented items—such as cigarette lighters, condoms, even alarm clocks—are considered contraband, and Angelo includes anecdotes describing their creation and use. Prisoners' Inventions provides powerful testimony to life "on the inside" as it is endured by over two million individuals in the United States alone.

"I’ve just finished working as project worker at the Perth prison visitor centre..... I’m surprised how many people I'm dealing with are artistic. Many write, doodle and draw well. They’re often natural with colours. It’s amazes me how many are good artistically." Philip Malcolm LIFE group


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