Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The Spacemakers - feedback week 4

Feedback from Sylvia, Daniel, Alistair and Ken ( 2 DOJ arts students and 2 non arts practitioners)

What's been good?
People have been really lovely and open to collaboration.
Tagtool is amazing and epic! It's made me really question how Im doing art and why I do it.
I like it because it's a collective and people have made a commitment to be there.
Ange is a real character, I wish she was teaching at our art college
It makes me think differently about space.
I have enjoyed Jonathan because he is funny
Im meeting and getting to know people in the arts community
It's not been too arty-farty
I was reluctant at first but I've made slow baby steps into performance.
I have enjoyed that it is not elitist. So much of what's in the arts world feels elitist.
I can say what I like at The Spacemakers and not worry about being judged.

What would you change?
I'd like it to be a longer period that six weeks
I want it to carry on now the weather is good and the days are longer
Id like it to have a positive focus to change spaces
I want it to be an ongoing loose collective


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