Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Creativity and cycling in the city

Earlier this month I met at Braes Bar with twenty-one others interested in cycling. As a focus for the evening I screened the documentary STILL WE RIDE made by Andrew Lynn & Elizabeth Press about Critical Mass in NYC and the attempts to force cyclists riding together to have a permit.

I've worked with Andrew on several occasions his enthusiasm for cycling and creativity is infectious.
Take a look at his website here

This weekend is Kill Your Timid Notion Festival, held at the DCA, I will be there with Jonathan Baxter from D-AIR (Dundee Artists in Residence) and Ian Nesbitt and Emily Wilczek from Nottingham's Annexinema, last year they staged a cycle powered event working with Magnificent Revolution to construct a ‘Cycle Powered Cinema’ under a river bridge in Nottingham.

Video by Jim Brouwer, music by Zelig

We'll be with D-AIR and Nes and Emily from Annexinema in the DCA bar Saturday 27 Feb at 10.45am to talk about possible future DIY arts/cycling events in Dundee you are welcome to join us.... look out for the flashing bike light on the bar.


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