Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Email to the Manager at Central Library

Hi Judy

It was very useful to come into the library in January and meet up with some of the librarians. I was made very welcome, the workers responded with enthusiasm and interest to my proposal. I was impressed by the outreach work the library is doing, considering the limitations on staff time and resources. I was also inspired by the enthusiasm and commitment of the few librarians I had the opportunity to meet. If you are interested in the Nine Trades project I'd love to work with the librarians to complement the work of the library service.

If you are still happy to go ahead, I'd like to work towards putting together a proposal/time plan that's tailored to the librarians own ideas and fits in with their work criteria. I'm interested at this stage to initially immerse myself fully in the library to just spend time alongside the workers to see what comes up. I'm keen for the content of the work to be driven by the individuals and the relationships that evolve. I'm coming up to Dundee next week, I'm free from Tuesday- Friday 9th -12th Feb. I can also come up again to continue with this stage later in Feb/early March.

There are many possible ways to take this forward. My idea is to start by just spending time in the departments ideally alongside some of the workers who I met in January? Shona and Margaret (childrens), Alistair and Verity (business/science), Mandy (art/music) and Ida (history).
I'd also be interested to meet up with Wilma to see the work of the mobile library?

I'm aware that there are big constraints on the librarians time, I don't want to make their job harder. I can be flexible,operating either discreetly or if need be, I'm happy to roll my sleeves up and do whatever is most useful at the time. After all, the nature of the project is collaborative, combined with being workplace specific means the process is as important as the final product.

I look forward hearing from you and being back in Dundee again.



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