Thursday, 11 February 2010

When I grow up I want to be a librarian

I've just spent a week settling in Dundee Central Library to see how I can make the Nine Trades Project compliment their work. I've had a fabulous welcome. As a child I played pretend library games, sorting my books, making tickets, date stamping and forcibly issuing them to the nearest adult, animal, doll or teddy. So was delighted when they agreed that I could base myself at the public library. All manner of people come into the place. Over fifty employees work in Central Library, I'm planning to work with a few of them to support the work they are already doing with vulnerable groups. I'm interested in the shifting role of the public library to become more inclusive places. This document published in 1999 sums up the governmental angle Social Inclusion in Public Libraries

My trade being childcare, I started off in the children's department .

At 11am on Tuesday I counted 27 babies in the children's department.
Thats a lot of babies.


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