Friday, 9 April 2010

Five Priorities

On average I'm spending 10-14 days each month in Dundee, I'm based in the Science and Business department at the Central Library
The premise of the Nine Trades project is to de-mystify the publics preconceptions of who can be an artist and what art is, widening access to the arts, opening the doors to the arts for more people.

Here are five priorities I have made for my work at the Central Library...
  • To support the library staff in their ongoing work with vulnerable groups including liaising with related voluntary sector projects in the city e.g Grey Lodge, Axis.
  • To promote the use of Tagtool* within Dundee.
  • Install dedicated Tagtool equipment at the library and train staff interested in using of Tagtool.
  • Liaise with artists and key players in the community interested in working with the Tagtool.
  • To challenge preconceptions of who can be an artist and what art is.... widening access to the arts.
*TAGTOOL - a live performance instrument for drawing and animation developed as an open source project by developers in Austria.


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