Friday, 9 April 2010

Tagtool at McManus

A few weeks ago I met with Kerri Mcgowan the Creative Learning Officer at McManus, (who incidentally was involved with the development of the Nine Trades project over the past few years). I briefly told Kerri about my priorities at the library and introduced her to the Tagtool concept. In true Dundee style she made me very welcome at McManus.

I explained that I'm working with Sandra and Verity from the library with six teenagers on the Grey Lodge AAAA project. We want to experiment with the Tagtool and projecting their drawings to music. The original idea was to work in the Steps Theatre but it wasn't a suitable space. The plan is to produce some work to present in June at an event at Tanadice. Kerri was hugely supportive and is kindly making available the study room for us to work for two days in April and May.

Quick thanks to Colin and Derek from Inclusive Solutions who've kindly have lent me their projector to experiment with next week. I plan to try out overlapping images and drawings with the Tagtool.


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