Friday, 9 April 2010

The LIFE group and The Spacemakers

Generally at the start of the week I support Alistair (library worker Science & Business) who runs a weekly support group called LIFE for people recovering from problems of drug and alcohol abuse. The group produces it's own newsletter Oor Paper, Oor Stories to help people understand what kind of life experiences members are struggling with...
I've met with Philip Malcolm the AXIS project worker (who refers members to the group) and Alistair to tailor a series of entertaining presentations relating to the shared experiences of participants in the group. Each session introduces a set of art linked a particular theme, such as 'rules and containment in contemporary society'.
I've included contemporary work by a variety of artists working on the international scene. Group members have been enthusiastic to talk about the questions and issues raised in relation to their own experiences. Of course not only is this new to the group participants but also introduces the workers to a body of arts work relating to the issues that link into their practice. Word got around at the Axis project and last time we met we were joined by support worker Linda Thomson. Linda also volunteers for the Vice-Versa project ( which aims to tackle street prostitution).

If this sort of thing interests you and you'd like to broaden your thinking on what can be art and who can be an artist you might be interested in a series of six Thursday evenings I'm running between 20 May -24 June called The Spacemakers - Celebrating the Art of Urban Subversion at the Hannah Maclure centre.

This is organised by D-AiR ( Dundee Artists in Residence) it's free and open to the public, but places are limited and you'll need to book a place in advance. Either come and find me in Science and Business or check out the D-AiR website if you'd like to know more.


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