Tuesday, 9 November 2010

The British Art Show at New Art Exchange

So impressed we were with Christian Marclays THE CLOCK we returned to the New Art Exchange to watch more of the 24 hour long piece and check out two other videos running as part of The British Art Show.

Elizabeth Price's USER GROUP DISCO 2009

"a combination of seemingly unrelated audio, text, and visual elements that came together to make an intense comment on the mechanics of the universe." Billy

"....it was well put together, the text pulled me in." Bruce

Duncan Campbell's BERNADETTE 2008

"I enjoyed the political side of the film looking at the way Devlin was portrayed by the media. She stood up for her people." Bruce

"I found the aesthetic a bit dry, I enjoyed the visual element when it was a portrait using documentary footage, but when it slipped into the audio mode, I lost interest". Billy


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