Friday, 12 November 2010

Images from Neon conference today

Matthias presented the Tagtool project.

In between presentations Alistair briefed the audience about the Dundee Tagtool scene.
Billy and Bruce meeting Akinori Oishi from Japan
There will be a Tagtool guestbook for people to sign at the Hannah Maclure Centre opening
6-8pm tonight. Everyone welcome!


Gilliom said...


My name is Gilliom. I am from Belgium, and together with a friend of mine, I've recently begun using the tagtool.

The photographs in this post are quite impressive. I wonder if I could ask you a few questions about them?

It seems you are mixing tagtool-images with photographs or video (another post on your blog mentioned something like that also). How are you doing this? Do you use multiple projectors or a (hardware) video-mixer? Do you know of a way to achieve this using software on another computer(I'm thinking of vj-tools like VisualJockey ( ) or OpenTZT ( )? Or is there a way in the nodekit to set this up?

In the first picture in this post (the drawing showing the "donut-universe") you mention a "cam creator". Could you elaborate on that? Are you mixing live video recordings with live drawings?

My apologies for dumping this load of questions on you. We are not very at home with the technical side of all this, but I hope you see where I am getting at... Trying to figure out how we could mix tagtool-drawing with (live or recorded) video...

Hope you can give me some pointers or advice...

Thanks in advance,
All the best with your tagtool-projects,


ange said...

Hi Gilliom
The pictures are showing the work of the Tagtool team. I suggest you go to the Tagtool Forum which is at and you'll get answer from the iink who was doing the presentation.

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