Wednesday, 3 November 2010

NIne Trades in November 2010

Expect another spurt of activity on the Nine Trades front.
Bitches Tea Boys are returning to Nottingham in November.
I will be back in Dundee 11-15 November...

On Monday 7th November Billy and Bruce will be deomstrating the art of making a good cup of tea and presenting their work at Nottingham's Hostel Liaison Group to hostel users who are embarking on making video based work with Ian Nesbitt from Annexinema. They'll also be getting a mentoring session from artist Chris Graham. Plus checking out the British Art Show as well as attending Sideshow fringe events on the Nottingham arts scene.

Lots of activity on the Tagtool scene, local Tagtoolers are meeting and organising behind the scenes, expect to see some Tagtool outdoor projections in future.

A real highlight this month will be having Matthias Fritz co founder of OMA International over from Austria from 10-12th November. He will be presenting at Neon festival and meeting up with other Tagtoolers. I was with Matthias (also known as iink) last week at the York Illumination Festival and met with Velocity33 York based Tagtoolers.
The Nine Trades Tagtool features at the Guerilla Gallery who with Neon will be hosting a party on the 6th and 7th floor of the Greenmarket car park on Saturday 13th from 8 til late.


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